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Selling Disability Income Insurance With Conviction
Her story is one of so many, DI should come before anything else, it saves people and their families
    Pratik Naik
“Your message would appeal to life agents, annuity sales people and others. It underscores in a dramatic, tangible and heartfelt way that unexpected "stuff happens."
    Alan Parisse ( MBA, CSP, CPAE)
"Rosemarie Rossetti presented her program on Selling Disability Insurance with Conviction at our annual Symposium. Her factual and emotionally oriented program urged the attendees to speak to their clients about the necessity of disability insurance. Drawing on her own experience of having her life instantly changed by an accident, she provided insight into the struggles and unexpected challenges facing disabled individuals. Her presentation was so well received that she was the first person in my memory to ever receive a standing ovation at the Symposium. I strongly encourage any Program Chairperson to include Rosemarie Rossetti on their list of preferred speakers. She will provide an inspirational and unforgettable experience for your members!"
    Mark McCandless
2011 President, FPA of Northeast Ohio
"I would highly recommend Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., President, Rossetti Enterprises Inc. as a speaker and trainer on the subject of disability insurance to any organization interested in increasing short-term disability insurance sales. I have served as the State Sales Coordinator for Aflac's North and South Dakota sales organization. We have approximately 250 career associates and 200 independent agents to serve about $65 million of Aflac premiums. We had Rosemarie speak at our 2008 Kick-Off Meeting. She did an excellent job of relating to our associates and coordinators and spoke from her personal experiences and professional credentials. Rosemarie did the most comprehensive job of learning about Aflac and integrating Aflac into her presentation of the host of professional speakers and trainers I have hired over my 18 years as an SSC. The evaluations from our group rated her a 5.0 on a scale of 1 - 5! I am happy to report that in just the first few weeks following Rosemarie's presentation at our State Meeting on February 2nd our short-term disability sales have increased from 11.7% of our total sales (in 2007) to 15.3% of our total sales. I am confident that we will continue to see increases throughout 2008."
    Mike Tomlinson, State Sales Coordinator, North and South Dakota
"I really enjoyed your presentation at the Dakota AFLAC meeting. The way you customized your presentation to fit the specific challenges of the audience was especially impressive. While AFLAC focuses on Short Term Disability and your situation is Long Term Disability, you are very effective in keeping the message on the need for insurance agents to assist people in their need to protect their income. Disability Insurance is an effective way to manage the risk of being unable to generate a paycheck. Last September, when you spoke at the NAIFA Convention, AHIA Luncheon, I saw you for the first time. That evening I sent your contact information to Mike Tomlinson, AFLAC SSC. at that time I was impressed with your ability to communicate, the content of your message, and the usefulness to me in my business. While there were numerous presenters at the convention, you were most memorable. The power in your message is your personal story. At the same time you interspersed facts, statistics, and current events into the presentation. Everything together really helps motivate the listener to understand the disability is real and common. The final impact of being unable to work along with all the medical and related expense is huge. I look forward to the day that I will be able to see you again."
    Gregg Webster
"Thanks for taking the time to come to our convention in Reno and share your story with us. It's easy to lose track of why we do what we do as an insurance agent. You helped me to refocus on the importance of what we do, and why we do it. Thanks for helping me find my passion again. It's been missing lately, and I'm very glad to have it back."
    Sidney Stone
Aflac, District Sales Coordinator
"Thank you for such an inspiring presentation on September 10, 2007. I received several favorable comments after the presentation and throughout the rest of the NAIFA convention including: Great DI presentation by Dr. Rossetti! Presentation was well reasoned and emotionally dramatic simultaneously. She validates all the statistics that we have known. I'm recommending Dr. Rossetti for the NAIFA main platform. Thanks again for reminding the AHIA members why they offer disability income insurance to their clients in such an entertaining manner."
    Diane Boyle
Association of Health Insurance Advisors, Executive Vice President
"NAIFA NW Oregon had the pleasure of having Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti provide a two-hour presentation titled “Close Examination of the Value of Disability Income Insurance" at our eight hour CE day, Winterfest, in February 2010. In the past several years, we have had numerous presentations on DI but when presented through the true experiences of a recipient makes it even more meaningful and valuable. Rosemarie blends humor with facts and had the attendee’s attention the full time. The NAIFA NW Oregon Winterfest Committee would highly recommend Dr. Rossetti for this presentation. The true value of any presentation is indicated by the comments from the 200 attendees, which were highly complementary. If you have the need for an excellent speaker who will draw the audience into her important message about disability insurance, then you'll want to have Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti as part of your program."
    Eric Strom
Chair, NAIFA NW Oregon Winterfest Committee 2010
"On behalf of the Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters (CSAHU) the CSAHU Board would like to thank you for speaking at our CSAHU April Symposium in Denver. Professional speakers like you are essential to us as a state association in helping to provide our members with outstanding educational opportunities. You did a great job and provided a wonderful experience for our attendees. The care and effort put into your program was impressive and much appreciated by our members! As you can see by the evaluations from the event, you were a perfect fit from all the members who said you were excellent! Thank you again for your partnership and your efforts to make sure the event was a success!"
    Freddie Templeton
Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters
"Rosemarie, members of our health underwriters insurance association are still talking about your presentation on disability insurance a year later. You are inspiring!"
    Jill Lewin
Columbus Association of Health Underwriters
"Thanks very much. Your presentation was inspiring. I'm sorry to say I don't know a single person who is handicapped in a wheelchair, and your personal story certainly touched me. Unfortunately, I've dealt with two sudden deaths in my immediate family (from heart disease) and that is really what I have focused on - dying and life insurance! Your experience has opened up a whole new avenue of precaution for me and my family. I called my insurance agent on Wednesday after your presentation and told him to bring me some information and numbers for disability insurance. I am also the type of person to wear a belt and suspenders! Please let me know if we can be of any other service to you - please refer any other potential clients to us for a recommendation. We were happy to have you as our featured speaker and even happier to make the donation to your foundation."
    Lou Ann Racher
Executive Secretary
Columbus Association of Health Underwriters
"We have received nothing but compliments on your presentation and many thanks from the audience for bringing in such a quality speaker as yourself. The perspective that you bring to the meeting is like nothing our producers have ever heard before. This is just what we wanted to communicate, is for our producers to see first hand the importance of disability insurance from a claimants viewpoint. So many producers want to sell disability, but just need more confidence and conviction. Your presentation provided that to them with more knowledge and confidence in the product. We are already seeing results from the meeting."
    Jeff Mohr
Diversified Brokerage Specialists, Inc. , President
"When Rosemarie Rossetti talks to advisors, insurance agents and business people about why disability insurance is a vital part of financial planning, she doesn’t have to resort to canned material to get her message across."
    Raymond Fazzi
Financial Advisor Magazine
"I wanted to personally thank you for speaking at the International DI Society Conference. It was a pleasure to hear your presentation. You have a powerful message and valuable insights. You are a vital part to the great success of the conference and we are grateful you were there. Once again, thank you."
    George Davidson
International DI Society
"Your opening presentation served as an outstanding introduction to the reality of the products and the benefits that they can provide. One attendee wrote: "Great testimonial, inspirational, applicable," another rated it highly (5 on scale of 5) and stated "realistic, good stats" and another "very powerful." There were other superior evaluations and these descriptions summarize the general flavor of reactions. Your presentation created an extremely positive environment for the balance of the meeting."
    Donald E. Kauke, CLU, LLIF
LIMRA International
"Hi, Rosemarie! Believe me, you need no introduction. I was lucky enough to be at the Leaders’ Conference in Boston when you spoke. Aside from the fact that you brought me to tears and ruined a perfectly good makeup job, you inspired me to examine my current DI coverage to ensure that I was in good shape."
    Brenda Savage
MassMutual Financial Group
"We invited Rosemarie Rossetti to come and speak to our financial professionals about the need to expand their product and services offering. She told the important story of her tremendous struggles and achievements in her personal life. By shedding light on the actual impact that a disability can have on the lives of a disabled individual, their family and their company it was our hope that our advisors would internalize the message and begin to share this important story and product solution with their clients. Rosemarie's challenge to us was simple - have a conversation with your clients about the reality of life after a disability and then discuss our individual and group disability income, business overhead expense or disability buyout product with them. Our advisors, our staff and our management team were changed by her message. Today, our organization has been positively impacted by Rosemarie's message. Our training programs have been improved, our default analysis system reports have been adjusted and our advisors ensure that clients understand the importance of protecting their income first. It is my recommendation that any insurance organization committed to growing their disability income product sales begin by educating their advisors on the impact that a disability can have on their clients using Rosemarie Rossetti's powerful message. When an advisor sits in this meeting, they cannot hear this message without shifting their paradigm and improving the value that they provide to clients."
    Vince Synan
MassMutual Financial Group - Oklahoma
"A huge wake up call. You are an excellent speaker, you should be, if you haven't previously, on the program for our national conference."
    Guy M. Smallwood, CFP
Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch
"Just what I needed. Awesome- I was disabled -4 months- thank god, but still am not getting the urgency across to clients. I'm hoping the statistics will help them. Thank you."
    Susan Allen
Met Life
"I will use the statistics and help people realize the need. That story alone is a selling point for DI."
    Kim Plywacz
Met Life
"Absolutely excellent, powerful and penetrating. I feel that Dr. Rossetti does not see herself as a victim. She took this situation and has made it work to her advantage."
    Terita Smith
Met Life
"Thank you for taking the time to participate in our Women's Sales Forum last week in Chicago. The feedback I've received on your presentation has been extremely positive and I know the ideas and experiences you shared will result in greater success for our top women producers. Your testimonial on the value of disability insurance was both powerful and inspirational."
    Michael J. Vietri
Senior Vice President
Met Life
"I thought it was wonderful. You are an excellent speaker and a very amazing woman."
    Rachel Wood
Met Life
"On behalf of the 2008 Million Dollar Round Table speaker host committee, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your active participation in and contributions to our most recent annual meeting in Toronto, Canada. On a personal note, I wish to tell you that your presentation was truly among the most professional, emotional, and inspirational in all my 21 years involvement within the MDRT organization. Your motivation and dedication in addressing your personally challenging life event 10 years ago was an inspiration and wake up call to those of us in the professional financial services arena to better inform and serve our clients and loved ones. Your emotional, candid and highly informative talk was well received, well attended, and appreciated by the MDRT members fortunate enough to have chosen to learn more about your presentation topic."
    Joel Kettler, Financial Professional
Million Dollar Round Table
"Thank you for "Changing Lives!" Your presentation to the Million Dollar Round Table's Annual Meeting in Toronto was well presented - and received. Thanks for adding substance to MDRT's unique experience. Because you cared ... and shared, MDRT members benefit. Thank you for touching our lives!"
    John Prast, Executive Vice President
Million Dollar Round Table
"On behalf of the members of the Program Development Committee,I thank you for speaking at the Million Dollar Round Table 2008 Annual Meeting in Toronto. As the team behind the scenes that creates the Annual Meeting program, the PDC knows how much preparation was required before you stepped on the stage to give your Focus Session presentation. MDRT is known for the quality of its speakers. We continue to be able to achieve this high standard of excellence because of individuals like you, who are willing to do the work required to prepare a presentation with quality content and a skilled delivery. We are deeply grateful to you."
    Walton Rogers, First Vice President
Million Dollar Round Table
"Members come to the MDRT Annual Meeting not only to learn, but to be inspired and reaffirm the importance of what they do. The Program Development Committee worked hard to create a program that met those expectations. Meeting attendees returned home better equipped to face the personal and professional challenges they will encounter in the coming year. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I thank you for the Focus Session presentation you gave and the contribution it made to the success of the MDRT 2008 Annual Meeting."
    James Rogers, President
Million Dollar Round Table
"Thanks a million! Your presentation to the Million Dollar Round Table's Annual Meeting in Indianapolis was well presented - and well received. Thanks for adding substance to MDRT's unique experience. Because you cared... and shared, MDRT members benefit. Thank you for touching our lives!"
    John Prast
Million Dollar Round Table, Chief Executive Officer
"On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Million Dollar Round Table and the members of the Program Development Committee, I want to thank you for investing your time and energy into our 2009 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. As you can tell, we take this very serious. You were selected from among hundreds of possible speakers and you were sensational. The team behind the scenes, who create this Annual Meeting program, knows how much preparation was required before you stepped on the stage to give your presentation. It showed and the audience loved it. That is our reward and I hope you felt the love and appreciation. MDRT is known for holding one of the highest quality meetings not only in the industry but among large associations. We continue to achieve this high standard of excellence because of individuals like you, who are willing to do the work required to prepare a talk with quality content, a skilled delivery and personal warmth and energy. You delivered and we're deeply grateful to you for all you did. WOW!!! You were a Big Hit. Thank you!!!"
    Guy Baker
Million Dollar Round Table, First Vice President
"I have known Rosemarie for just over 9 months. In my capacity as Assistant Vice President at Munich American Reassurance Company in Atlanta Georgia I had the opportunity request that Rosemarie speak at our Disability Income / Long-Term Care Conference here in Atlanta Georgia on April 23, 2004. Seldom have I encountered someone as straight forward and open in her style of speaking as Rosemarie. I have a number of testimonials from clients and customers that will support the facts. In fact, one client personally thanked me for Rosemarie's presentation and he has since requested her services to speak to agents that work for his company. If you are looking for someone who you will be proud of, I would whole heartily like to recommend Rosemarie to speak at your function, conference or gathering. She has the uncanny knack of touching people in ways that can't be described in words. I am member of that honored club. As a matter of fact Rosemarie is so hot that you would do well to select her right away. I am truly honored to say that I know her."
    Glenn Hemphill
Munich American Reassurance Company
"Thank you for your excellent presentation “Selling Disability Income with Conviction” at our NAIFA-SD state convention recently. As a small state with only 100 convention attendees the expectations were high for your presentation to penetrate the variety of advisors in attendance and this certainly happened. I am in agreement with the speaker surveys that indicated the high level of satisfaction. As president of our State NAIFA chapter serving a one year term, it was important to me to have as the keynote speaker, an exceptional insurance related real life stories presented professional. Speaking for the entire committee certainly all of the above criteria were met and furthermore would recommend any local or State NAIFA Chapter to consider the same. Yes, the initial cost seemed high, however once our committee made the commitment we found sponsors willing to get on board and participate with your help and suggestions and make the decision palatable. It was my pleasure to work with you and from all of us in SD we wish you the very best with all of your endeavors especially your green home project."
    Merle Wollman
NAIFA - South Dakota, President
"Thank you for participating at the 2005 NAHU annual convention held in Miami. Our Education Committee was quite pleased with your presentation and the positive responses given by the attendees. The caliber of your presentation certainly guaranteed NAHU's success in providing quality education programming. Here are the Annual Convention Program evaluations concluded from your session on Selling DI With Conviction. I received useful information relevant to my interests and needs from this seminar. Strongly Agree - 94.1% The seminar provided specific ideas that I can use in my job. Strongly Agree - 82.4% Delivered an effective and well-organized presentation. Strongly Agree - 94.1% Showed enthusiasm about the subject matter. Strongly Agree - 94.1% Was knowledgeable about the subject matter. Strongly Agree - 94.1%"
    Farren Ross
National Association of Health Underwriters
"Your presentation sent a powerful message to each of us who had the fortunate opportunity to witness it. I commend you for your social commitment to society and to the level of professionalism that made all of us raise the mark in our own performances. Our audience of association members has expressed the need to have you speak at future meeting events that will better education our professionals in becoming better prepared to service their clients."
    Farren Ross
National Association of Health Underwriters
Rosemarie was certainly one of the speakers I will always remember. She was the perfect way to close our Symposium and let us drive home with some food for our thoughts.
    Angela Greene
NC League of Municipalities
"Every year, for the past thirteen I have attended the annual meeting of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). I predominately attend for the general sessions which are more motivational and less technical then the afternoon sessions. I find that when I return, I am invigorated and much more motivated for the following year. This year’s MDRT’s meeting was stocked with great speakers, with great stories to tell. But there was one presentation that in my mind that was the highlight of the entire four days. That was yours! Rosemarie, you stole the show and as I told said to you shortly after you presented, Sugar Ray Leonard who spoke immediately after must have wished that he spoke before you. His speech was anticlimactic after your presentation. I am not a disability specialist by any stretch, but your story of overcoming so many obstacles was so motivating and had such a real life meaning, that I find myself talking to my professional referral sources (CPA’, Attorney’s and Trust Company’s) much more then I ever did. As a matter of fact, I just closed my first disability sale in years when I returned home. Upon returning home, I realized that my assistant’s best friend had recently been in a boating accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. I contacted you and you were so generous with your time and information. I’m sure it made a difference for him and his family. Keep up the great work and never stop telling your message. It made me realize how lucky I am to live the life I do!!!!"
    Richard Newman, President
Newman + Cohen Financial Management, Inc.
"Thank you again for joining us in High Point for the 17th Annual North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters' Symposium. I appreciate your sharing your post event surveys with Carol Matznick and the rest of the Symposium Committee last week. Johnny Dawkins, our 2007 Symposium Chairman has finished compiling the results of our own surveys and to no one's surprise, you were rated as our top speaker at this year's Symposium. I am happy you were able to join us early on in the event and was glad to be able to spend time with you during our two days in High Point. Thanks again for helping make NCAHU's Symposium the huge success that it was this year."
    Tim Walsh
North Carolina Association of Health Underwriters
"True life experiences shared clearly and honestly."
Insurance Agent
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"The best thing that I took away from your speech is your story. Being a young agent I haven't had a chance to see disability insurance work and how it can help someone get on with their life."
Insurance Agent
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"The strongest facet of your speech was your conviction. You obviously believe in the topic intensely."
Insurance Agent
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"I learned that disability is not the end and that you need to be prepared to go on. Death is inevitable but disability is not the end."
Insurance Consultant
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"Very strong message and inspirational. I personally connected with you when you were talking about getting back on your feet with family and friend support."
Insurance Agent
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
"You tell your story in a real not 'fluff' way and manner."
Insurance Agent
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
In the summer of 2001 the Columbus Office of the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network participated in a sales contest for our individual disability product line. Near mid point in our contest Rosemarie Rossetti spoke to our Representatives about her experience with accidental injury and the effect it had on her life. Her message, professionally told, was powerful and motivating. As a result, we finished that contest period with more than 30% increase in submitted business. Sincere thanks to Rosemarie for bringing her story to us!
    James V. Hayden, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
Disability Specialist
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
“Thank you for helping make our 3rd Annual DI Day a great success. Your incredible story and your understanding of disability insurance is sure to give all who attended some valuable tools with which to approach their clients. Personally, your positive approach and amazing energy were an inspiration to us as well as to our staff.”
    Patrick Jackson
President, IRA Brokerage
After 14 years in the business my conviction has been “re-set.”
    Jim McCarthy
Price Raffel and Browne, Inc.
“Recently, our NAIFA hosted its annual day long CE workshop. One of the Speakers was Rosemarie Rossetti, PHD. Rosemarie speaks nationally on the importance of personal disability Insurance. She has presented a number of times at the MDRT and other industry events and conferences over the years. She was severely injured by a falling tree a number of years ago and is now in a wheel chair. She has become an outspoken, passionate, and authoritative speaker on the need for disability insurance. Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the NAIFA NW Oregon Winterfest. Your compelling journey of recovery following your injury and the passion with which you shared it has stirred extraordinary interest in the importance of including disability income insurance in plans that advisors are presenting.”
    Walt Meinhart
Principal Financial Group
"About two years back, I attended a NAIFA meeting in the Detroit area (where I used to live) and you were the keynote speaker. I didn’t realize the impact your presentation had on my life at the time. I made a huge career shift as a result and now I focus my financial services practice almost exclusively on disability and long term care protection. One of my target audiences is medical students; generally young folks who have the world by the tail and who have a need (they do not yet understand in many cases) to protect their greatest asset (their future potential income) which has yet to come to fruition."
    Lorraine Pohl, Financial Representative
Principal Financial Group
"Without question, your presentation raised the awareness of the need for DI and motivated many producers to put more effort and conviction into their sales efforts!"
    Kevin Quinn
Director - Disability Solutions
Principal Financial Group
"Thanks again for participating in the Axa Advisors Kick-Off Meeting on Tuesday, February 5, 2002. Your presentation was excellent and I have received great feedback from many of the producers who were inspired by your motivational message. Thanks again for sharing your remarkable story and increasing the awareness of the importance of disability income insurance. I look forward to working with you again in the future!"
    Kevin J. Quinn, CLU,RHU
Director - Disability Solutions
Principal Financial Group
"I know that once other advisors hear you speak, they will be able to implement with better ease. There are many who are extremely shy about insurances, and I believe you bring powerful, different and realistic perspective."
    Patty Quiñonez
Financial Advisor
Quiñonez & Associates
"If Rosemarie Rossetti can't convince you to get or update your disability and health insurance policies, it's likely no one can."
    Joan Slattery Wall
Small Business News
Great job on Friday in San Antonio! I stayed to the end and then ran out because I was running late for a flight. But you were captivating enough to make me stay long beyond when I should have.
    Keith Pflieger
Source Brokerage, LLC
"Dr Rossetti provides her audience with a sincere and compelling story of her own personal experience involving a disability. In addition to the emotional connection the audience makes, her use of industry facts and statistics to support motivating workshop attendees to take action is compelling."
    Timothy Campbell
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
"Thrivent Financial for Lutherans had the pleasure of having Rosemarie Rossetti present her “Selling Disability Insurance with Conviction” program as a breakout session at our annual National Sales Meeting. Through the power of story-telling Rosemarie connected well with her audience of financial representatives, sharing her personal experience with disability in both a factual and emotional manner. Her story moves you to want to take action, from re-prioritizing the value of disability income insurance in a client’s financial strategy to realizing that a good portion of your own income may be unprotected. Hearing about the real costs of disability, including the impact of disability from a spouse’s perspective, was especially impactful. Rosemarie has a remarkable story to share, one you’ll be glad you heard."
    Kim Dornburg
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
"Rosemarie presented "Selling Disability Income Insurance with Conviction" to our region on October 12, 2012 and received a standing ovation. Her personal story is emotional and truly makes a person think about their own vulnerability and the great need to have personal disability income insurance coverage. I'm positive our associates found value in her message. We will be monitoring our disability income sales for the next 90 days and I believe we will see an increase as a result of Rosemarie's message. Rosemarie is a true professional, was easy to work with and delivered a message that everyone needs to hear. I highly recommend her as a presenter."
    Janelle Fuhrmann
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Managing Partner
"We had Rosemarie Rossetti present at an All-RFO meeting two weeks ago, she did a terrific job of bringing home the personal story and value of DI in her talk of "Selling Disability Insurance with Conviction"."
    Steven Mechling
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Regional Financial Officer
This is a very strong, emotional, and moving presentation. It does exactly what it needs to do.
    Lawrence Estridge
Union Central

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