Preplanning Avoids Unintended Consequences

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Preplanning Avoids Unintended Consequences

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


And then having the discussion with any vendor, any supplier. You've got to hire them in advance and make sure that they're doing what you expect as you're putting this in the budget up front. And that's why people hire me, to say, "I haven't forgotten anything." I don't want you having an unintentional consequence and then being embarrassed about it and causing irreparable damage to your reputation and your job. I mean, your job could be at stake because you didn't follow through. You weren't aware of something, and all of a sudden you got a complaint against you. And the organization has a complaint. If it gets really bad with a class action suit, the Department of Justice is going to come and haunt you with a big fine. And you don't want that.