Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., Leading Disability Inclusion Expert, Univeral Design & Accessibility Consultant
Leading Accessibility Consultant
Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

Leading Disability Inclusion Expert Universal Design & Accessibility Consultant

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

I work with professionals to achieve and promote accessibility and inclusion for their participants, employees and customers.

Maximize Engagement

Foster Belonging

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Revitalize Tourist Attraction

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Influence Favorable Reputation

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Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized accomplished speaker, author, consultant, CEO, and Founder of Rossetti Enterprises LLC since January 1997. She is a leading expert in disability inclusion, universal design, and accessibility. Rosemarie acquired a spinal cord injury on June 13, 1998, crushed by a 7,000-pound tree while riding her bicycle, resulting in paralysis from the waist down. Her journey as a wheelchair user fuels her passion for accessibility and universal design.

Keynote Speaker

She is celebrated for her inspiring story of resilience and motivational presentations on overcoming adversity. Rosemarie's work has made her a prominent figure in the disability community and a powerful advocate for accessibility, empowering individuals to live their fullest lives despite physical limitations.

Her keynotes focus on attaining competitive advantages through managing and embracing change, resilience, and motivation. Rosemarie is known as a national "roll" model and change agent, authoring the book "Take Back Your Life!"

Passionate Trailblazer

Following her injury, she and her husband, Mark Leder, faced numerous challenges adapting their home to meet Rosemarie's accessibility needs. They led the design team and were the general contractors for their new home, the Universal Design Living Laboratory. They have lived in this nationally recognized model of accessible and universal design in Columbus since May 2012. This is the top-rated universal design home and garden in North America. This experience ignited her passion for creating environments usable by all, regardless of age or ability.

She is an internationally recognized speaker, sharing her story and advocating for accessible and universal design across industries, including architecture, interior design, and real estate. She has given numerous conference presentations, inspiring audiences with her message of inclusivity and the importance of accessible and universal design.

Consultant for Living and Working Environments

As an accessibility consultant, she helps clients enhance homes, workplaces, and other spaces for inclusivity. Rosemarie authored articles and her book "Universal Design Toolkit" on accessible and universal design. She continues to speak and consult to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

In her work promoting accessible and universal design, she shares her experiences and insights to inspire individuals, corporations, and organizations to create more inclusive spaces and attitudes.

Rossetti is an inspiring entrepreneur who rethinks design and building by spearheading discussions and experiments around re-imagined living and working spaces.

Rosemarie also consults with meeting professionals, providing insights to plan inclusive meetings and events. Her insights help save time, reduce stress, and successfully plan more diverse and inclusive meetings and events. Her presentations and accessibility tours focused on accommodating people with disabilities have transformed the meetings industry.

Rosemarie advises destination marketing organizations to enhance city accessibility and attract people with disabilities. In her work to improve the city's accessibility, she writes articles, helps to create websites, creates videos, and delivers presentations to business owners and managers.

Rossetti Enterprises LLC is a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprise through Disability: IN, further reflecting her commitment to accessibility.

Her contributions to accessibility and universal design have earned recognition and awards, cementing her status as a respected advocate for inclusive environments.


Over 250 forward thinking corporations and organizations have utilized Rosemarie’s lived experience and expertise. Full Client List

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Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D., Leading Disability Inclusion Expert, Univeral Design & Accessibility Consultant
Rosemarie Rossetti Change and Resilience Expert
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What Are The Benefits of Disability Inclusion?

Acquiring and Retaining Diverse Talent
Independence, Safety & Accessibility
Positive Goodwill & Public Relations
Reducing the Cost of Health Insurance
Elevating a Culture of Empathy
Improved Collaboration & Innovation
It's EASY to get started!
  • Email or Phone Rosemarie
  • Have a discovery discussion
  • Depending on project nature:
    • Site visit accessibility / inclusion audit
    • Architectural plan review
    • Facilitate staff knowledge via interactive presentation
    • Final report/resource creation
  • Replicatible content is disseminated.
  • Long term value is realized through the observations, insights and wisdom provided.
  • High return on your investment.

What Clients Say

I invited Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti to present to our organization of top performing real estate professionals, attorneys, bankers, and developers.

After introducing her and setting the tone to broaden the audience perspective, Rosemarie spoke on her award winning expertise about accessibility and universal design.

I simply moderated seamless flow of conversation, cultivated applicable questions that spoke into her expertise, and Rosemarie executed an evocative program that was powerful and well received and educational.

People who work with Rosemarie need to know that she is articulate, grounding, caring, and a great speaker!

Eric Erenstoft CEO,
E3 Capital Partners

Rosemarie provided the right balance of humanity and reality to challenge my group to focus on the opportunity in front of them versus barriers they may perceive.

We adopted her guidance on trying new things every day and empowering others in our culture action plan, so that we keep her grounding perspective at heart when facing adversity.

Matthew J. Satterwhite VP, Regulatory Services
American Electric Power