Accessible Restrooms

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Accessible Restrooms

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


Now today you've got the Wave technology rather than the push button. So if you're updating, go to the Wave technology, it's touchless and they're great. They're small and they work really well. You just wave your hand over and the door opens. So it's important, especially if you're in a scooter. I was at IMEXAmerica speaking in a scooter. I just rented a scooter while I was there, and I couldn't get into the door with my scooter. And there's two doors even to get into the ladies room. Like, "Great, I can't get in any of them!" So I have to wait for another woman to come in. And then the same coming out. I have to decide. I have to wait here to get out because I can't open the door with a scooter. And so that's not inclusive. But a better design, and what they're doing now is no doors are needed on restrooms. If you've been to airports, you know, you just go into the ladies room. It's just the way it was designed. So there's no vision into the toileting area. So that's far superior than having to have the cumbersome doors. So you'll start seeing that.