Registration Desk Height

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Registration Desk Height

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


Officially at 31 inches and maybe 31 and a half. So we have done a good job here. Notice the knee space, also. I can do a front approach. It's really comfortable for me to interact with eye contact here. If there's something I need to sign, if there's a document I need to read, it's much easier here. So as you're looking at the the design of your registration areas as your special guest services, if you're in the hotel business, all of that is important so that everyone is served inclusively. So registration did well. You saw how I'm working on the carpet. Isn't it great? It's working out well. Now. Yes, yes, yes. Let's look at the depth of that. That's a good one. I forgot to thought thought process. Let's see how that is. I go all the way in 26 inches deep. What's the height of the knee space? You notice my knees also clear. That's important. My knees have to go back and clear. Now I'm in a low manual wheelchair. Someone in a power wheelchair or they're taller, they're going to need a little more space. So 27 and a half is the the knee space height. So be more generous to help with that.