Registration Questions and Follow-Up

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Registration Questions and Follow-Up

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


Now you might wonder what PCMA did on their registration. So I asked them, "who registered that said they had special needs?" I saw no one here in a wheelchair or scooter. Have you? ... because of a temporary? Yeah, temporary. They're just kneeling on something with wheels. Well, so I asked what accommodations people wanted when they registered and how many people registered, saying they needed something special. There's 3,300 people here that registered. I asked this question not that long ago, just a few weeks ago, so there could be more. So the question that they asked on the registration. They asked the following question: "Are accommodations such as wheelchair, audio, visual, breastfeeding?" And left a space for them to write anything else in. And the report that came in was that 33 people that responded that they had special needs, 11 attendees were related to audio. 16 attendees were related to mobility. Two attendees were related to visual. One attendee was related to all three audio, mobility, and visual. And three attendees to other areas that they wrote in. So you can see that this conference had very few mobility needs. Other conferences could have every single person. At the Miss Wheelchair America Pageant, where I competed in 2004, we had 26 women in wheelchairs. That's a lot to coordinate at the hotels and at the convention center. So each of you will have differences in your audiences and the services that you offer.