Sensory Kits for Neurodiversity

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Sensory Kits for Neurodiversity

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


The other thing I'm impressed with is they have trained their staff in a program that -- you may want to take a picture of this. It's called with a "K". K U L T U R E. Your people can get training and get these bags. They're little backpacks and they're filled with things for people who are autistic or have a post traumatic stress disorder. So that this is on the website for the convention center saying, come to the Guest Services. And if you'd like to pick up one of these, just take it with you. We'll take a photo ID in exchange. There's no cost, but you can use it while you're here at the convention center. What's in this? They have a training book also, and a registration. What's in this is noise canceling headsets. A lanyard for the person so that the staff identifies that person needs a little special attention. They also have "fidget toys". So things for them to fidget with, with their hands. And a communication card that they can point to saying, "I don't want the headphones, I want more fidget or don't want the fidgets". They also have a weighted lap pad that they can give them that will just sit on their lap for comfort. They also can give them sunglasses if they need to. They can give them a break; if they point to this one, that means maybe a restroom break or they're tired, and then if they want to snack. So it's a way, if they're not verbal, to actually point to the card to help communicate. And then if they want to tell you if they're angry, frustrated, confused, nervous, happy, calm, sad or tired, they can point to the icon. So I've got to give Columbus Convention Center a big gold star for participating in this program.