Sign Language Interpreters

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Sign Language Interpreters

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


The sign language interpreter should be a part of the budget. And there are about $100 to $100, maybe $150 an hour. And they only work in like four hour shifts. So you might need a couple of them. And that sign language interpreter then follows that person wherever they're going. Do not charge the attendee anymore. It's part of your budget.

Tell your attendees they have to tell you by a different/earlier date because a lot of people wait till the last minute.

She's bringing that to our attention. Hire them maybe three weeks in advance. It gets really, especially during this pandemic series, where people were not doing sign language interpreters except on Zoom, on the hybrids. But then once meetings came again -- oh, they got busy. So realizing that the ... they don't usually hire their own. It's part of the conference. The website is our, The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. It's a national database that you should be able to find the interpreters most anywhere. And of course, our friend Google, you can just Google sign language interpreter in your city and find some people.