Universal Changing Tables and Nursing Mother's Room

Rosemarie Rossetti, Ph.D.

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Universal Changing Tables and Nursing Mother's Room

PCMA Convening Leaders 2023 Convention


Another feature they have here is a nursing mother's room. And if you go to the main session today over there in the Battelle Hall, there's restrooms to the left of the entrance of the Battelle Hall. There's a ladies and a men's. And in between it, or beyond that, there's a nursing mother's room in between the men's and women's restroom. There's a sign on the door that says universal changing table. It is a table to change the undergarments of an adult or a teenager rather than a baby. And that is the trend right now. It is something desperately needed in this country. It's not an ADA requirement. They just put it in during the holiday season. It's brand new. They intend to put a hoist system in next. She put it in the budget for this year. So that someone is an adult that needs to be changed, they can be lifted out of their power wheelchair, put on the changing table, and their garments can be changed in privacy and dignity rather than on the floor. Which is oftentimes the undignified, disgusting task that a parent must do. So changing tables, they're called universal, or they're called adult changing tables. But there is a nursing mother's room, and it can serve as a wellness room. So if someone is not feeling well, and just needs to get away, male or female, they're welcome to go into the nursing mother's room. There are portable units I've seen at other conferences where I've attended, that are portable units rented for the exhibit. And then the nursing mother goes in there, they can extract milk and actually ship it back home again. So those are some other considerations that are available.